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MRI Results almost 3 months post injury

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  • MRI Results almost 3 months post injury

    Well i finally got the ok to go for an MRI from my insurance company 8 weeks after my injury (i had posted it on this site: possible sublaxted shoulder w/ pain which happened playing basketball). My shoulder felt as if it was gradually getting better. I have stayed away from weights and did some physical therapy. The i get the MRI....

    -Small Labrum Tear from the 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock position. Large Paralabral Cyst measuring approx. 3.1 X 1.3 mm in size. Biceps anchor is intact.
    -Tendinosis of Supraspinatus w/ no evidence of any partial or full thickness tear.

    I went to see an Ortho, of whom I have heard only good things. He told me that the position and size of the tear in the Labrum translate to leaving surgery as the very last solution. He said it would not get worse and would not make me prone to dislocations. What he concentrated on more was the Paralabral Cyst which also could have been causing my shoulder pain.

    His advice was to try and do what i was doing before the injury had occured (work construction, lift weights, etc). If the pain persists and is too much to bear we will talk about draining the cyst. If the pain persists after removing the cyst then we will talk about repairing the tear in the Labrum.

    What do you guys think of the ortho's plan? And how long does it take to recover from Labrum surgery? ....i am dying to get back to the weights and work.... Thanks in advance.

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    I think that the ortho's advice is very wise. Surgery should be the last option. In terms of recovery from surgery for a labrum tear, for me when they thought I had a SLAP tear (tear at the front of the shoulder in the capsule) that it would vary on the type but they estimated that I would be able to get back to basic things betwen 6-8 weeks. I think this also depends on how fit you are, and muscle strength.

    As for weights, I know what you mean, I've been dying to go back to weights for ages and I hurt my shoulder almost a year ago and started rehab in December last year and I've been told to stay clear of the weights. I'm not even allowed to do lik 1-2kg weights because I have an unstable shoulder.

    But once again it's really dependent on each person with their recovery.


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      thanks a lot for the reply angieliu... its only been three months but it feels sooo much longer. I hope your therapy is going well and that you get back to your weights as soon as possible. I will update the thread in a couple of weeks when i know what is going on.


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        Hey thanks georgie.

        I'd be careful with the weights though, and I wouldn't be pulling heavy ones until you are completely happy with your recovery. I'm currently using a theraband to strengthen my deltoid muscles, shoulder blade and rotator cuff and I am getting more muscle development than before when I was using weights. See if your ortho can recommend some strengthening exercises like stabilisation ones.

        I have also heard that if you keep up with the strength work and if you decide to opt for surgery as a last resort you should hopefully be able to bounce back pretty quickly after surgery because you would have helped tone your muscles first. See how it all goes. Best of luck with things and keep us posted.

        P.S. shoulder is doing ok these days, still missing the weights but there is not much I can do about it. It's frustrating when you go to the gym and all you can do is cardio or leg weights. My poor little legs hurt are getting a hard workout all the time!