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Possible rotator cuff tear

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  • Possible rotator cuff tear


    I injured my shoulder approximately 4 months ago. This occurred when I was lifting weights (in particular, I was doing "shrugs" with heavy weights). I believe that the injury is the result of me dropping the weight onto the metal support rack, and it bouncing back up and jarring my shoulder. I suspect that my problem is a tear in my rotator cuff, however I am unsure about how I would be able to differentiate this from impingement syndrome. A good deal of the pain has subsided, and my range of motion is essentially complete, however I still experience pain and weakness when doing pressing motions. I realize that only a physician will be able to definitively diagnose me, however I was wondering if anyone here has had similar experiences, and whether they would give me an idea of how long this discomfort will last.

    Thanks so much,

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    Hi there,

    I did a rotator cuff tear awhile back whilst dancing when someone pushed my arm back in a stop sign position. I noticed the pain quite significantly and had to rest it for quite some time. Things which helped were acupuncture and really just rest. My rotator cuff tear has healed (it's been over two years). The weakness in m shoulder muscles from the first injury made me more susceptible and it was 6 months after the first injury I injured the front of my shoulder.

    I think with muscle tears they can heal by themselves, but in noting that there could be additional complications and in my experience it has made me more suscpetible to injuries I would suggest that you go and see a sports physician who specialises in shoulders and its really important to go to see someone who knows that they are talking about.

    With the discomfort, I'd suggest acupuncuture to help improve the blood flow in the area, bowen therapy has also worked well for some. What you want to ensure is good blood flow so that if there is a tear, your muscles can heal properly.

    If you need some details of who to go and see, I know of a really good sports physician in Sydney and I'm scheduled to see David Hughes in CAnberra who is supposed to be very good.



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      Hi Ryan,

      As a first step I'd strongly suggest you go and see a sports physician that has a special interest in shoulders. Each case is different and you really need to get good advice from the beginning. For a lot of shoulder injuries you can try conservative treatment. That's why I'd suggest seeing a sports physician first rather than an orthopaedic surgeon.

      I used to see a GP, but now only see a sports physician for joint related problems. They have a much better idea on how to treat them.

      About a month ago I had surgery for shoulder instability after doing conservative treatment for almost 3 years. It is already starting to feel a lot better.

      For pain relief I found dry needling to be very good. A lot of sports physicians and myotherapists do this.

      In terms of strengthening my shoulder I've found clinical pilates to be very good.

      Good luck !!


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        Possible rotator tear.

        Hi Ryan,
        I injured my left shoulder when I fell over playing cricket with my 2 young sons.
        Had constant soreness and pain and lack of strength very similar to your symptoms.
        I had a Ultra sound which showed no tear but after several months of not getting better had an MRI. MRI showed a small tear in the rotator cuff and I was booked in for an arthoscope on the 16th May (3 weeks ago). When they went in they found no tear but badly inflammed and scuffed rotator tendon. I had the Bursa removed and some space created for my rotator. The MRI was showing the inflammation as a tear so the result was better than I expected.
        I had the artho at 8.45am on the 16th May and by 9.30am was back in recovery.
        I had a shoulder block in which lasted for the first 24 hours post op.
        I left the hospital same day at 5.00pm.
        In a sling for 3 or 4 days ( off work for 8 days) and back driving after 2 weeks.
        I still have some soreness and stiffness due to the op but in general recovering well.
        I have been doing excercises from day 2 and have had improved movement each day.
        Main problem is sleeping but is slowly getting better.
        My main reason for the reply is to let you know that even though you may have all the symptoms of a tear it may not be torn as in my case.
        The artho op was quick and apart from the first few days after the op was not too bad as far as pain goes.
        Hope this helps in some way
        Cheers Andrew
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          Thanks for the info. I'm seeing a shoulder surgeon in a couple of weeks to determine if I have a tear and the most scary thought is surgery. You mentioned that they ended up removing the bursa and also creating additional space. Was this because they thought you had an impingement which had been causing the pain?