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  • Labrum Tear Recovery

    I've been diagnosed with a Labrum tear in my right shoulder. I'm scheduled for surgery in two weeks and I'm receiving conflicting information regarding recovery. I'm already anxious to get back onto a tennis court. I think even my husband and kids will say I'm a nicer person when I can get out and hit little yellow tennis balls.

    Can anyone help me anticipate what to expect for recovery of a Slap tear?

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    I also have a suspected SLAP tear which I am awaiting for a definitive diagnosis from an orthopaedic surgeon. From the research I have done the recover period for a SLAP tear depends on the type of tear you have. Currently there are 7 types of SLAP tears. If you google "SLAP tear and treatment" you should be able to find something. I have a couple of articles which I have read which I can send to you if you like.

    I was told that it would be somewhere between 4-6 weeks for when you can start driving and full recovery would be around 4-6 months. It really depends on whether they are just going in to clean up some of the frayed cartillage or if they have to reattach the cartillage or the biceps tendon.

    I would be interested in finding out what your surgeons have been telling you for the recovery period. I have also been given conflicting advice and one has said to stick it out for another 6 months and keep going with physio.


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      In another post Hipster provided me this link to a presentation done on SLAP tear treatment and physiotherapy. I think that you might find it useful.