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Injured trapesius muscle/ligament?

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  • Injured trapesius muscle/ligament?

    My left trapesius muscle is swollen and painful. In addition, looking in a mirror I can see that my left shoulder is higher than my right shoulder. By feeling the left trapesius, I can feel a poainful, rubbery-type mass deep in the muscle and the pain seems to run down towards my left scapula. The injury has become chronic (2+ years) and could have been caused by too much breaststroke, doing deadlifts, or maybe just long-yerm bad posture while sitting at a computer for hours every day...??? In addition, there is pain in one or two of the left ribs coming around from the left scapula rea right around my ribcage into the left upper abdomen. Could a scapula or trapesius injury have put a rib out of place and putting pressure on an intercostal nerve...??? Please help...!!!

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    What I would try to do is to try to bring down some of the swelling by icing it and see if this can bring down the swelling. I find things like the voltarin topical cream to be also very good with inflammed muscles too.

    For the posture, I have found that it's really important to strengthen the shoulder girdle muscles so that you don't slouch as much. I have the opposite to you where my shoulder muscles on my right shoulder which I injured slump. So Ihave to work on isolating those muscles and strengthening to prevent any further injury. I have a friend who had pain in her trapezius muscle for awhile and it turned out that as she had weak pectoral muscles, and it was being pulled which kept made it swollen and painful and no matter how hard she'd tred to get rid of the knot it just continued to cramp. She saw an osteo who eventually identified what was happening and so she is working doing weights to strengthen the shoulder girdle muscles like doing things such as seated row and push ups.

    I'd suggest that you could go and see a sports physio to try to see if they can give you some treatment for th swelling. A good physio who knows shoulders should be able to help you with this. A physio should then be able to direct you if you need to see a sports physician.

    Hope this helps