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    Hi, when i was younger i can remember hurting my shoulder, but i don't know how and when, all i can remember is it hurt. Ever since then by pulling against something i have been able to sort of pop my shoulder out, and as soon as i relieve the pressure it pops back in. While using my shoulder i sometimes experience this, but i have just started doing some weight training, and have noticed that i happens constantly and depending on the number of times it happens can be very sore AFTER the gym. My question is what could it be?, i have just recently seen a doctor that didn't seem to have a clue what was wrong. He recommended an ultra sound. Where i live getting an appointment for an ultrasound can almost be like watching grass grow and haven't got an appointment until 3 weeks time. I have a pretty substantial lump on my shoulder and from what i have read is definitely not a good thing.

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    Hi there,

    An ultrasound won't show much.

    I've had shoulder instability for a couple of years and recently had stabilisation surgery. I tried conservative treatment for a good couple of years, but nothing seemed to be helping. Ended up going to two top shoulder surgeons and decided on surgery after a last bout of physio.

    I would recommend you go and see a good sports physician. They will have a good understanding of what scans to order and be able to diagnose the condition properly. I stopped seeing my GP ages ago for joint related problems. Felt they didn't have a very good understanding of them. Whereabouts are you based ?

    Good luck !!


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      i am in Mackay, we dont have a sports physician so lets hope i get an accurate diagnosis .


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        To me it sounds like that your shoulder may be subluxing where it pops in and out. I did this to my shoulder about a year ago and it sometimes feels like even when I'm walking that I can feel it pop in and out.

        But I do agree with KJ, that an ultrasound will not show much. A MRI may provide a more accurate diagnosis but there have been studies shown which suggest that MRIs are only a tool to assist in diagnosis and that you really have to look at the patient's situation.


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          I agree with KJ an ultrasound will not show too much. A MRI may be more accurate but they are costly. There has been an article written by John Orchard et al (see link) which basically says that MRIs should be used as a diagnostic tool to assist in diagnosis and that diagnosis should be made in conjunction with observing the symptoms.

          It does sound like that you have similar symptoms which I have. There are some days where it is just so sore because it has been popping in and out. To ease some of the inflammation I would try icing it. A sports physician would be good who can give you a good diagnosis but if you don't have access to one, I think that the best thing is to make sure that you are very accurate with the pain and what is happening. For me, the movements which make my shoulder click more are when I lift my arm out to the side, in front of my body and across my body. If you can get access to a physio who can give you some exercises to help stabilise your shoulder, it may be very beneficial. A physio may also offer some insight to what is happening with your shoulder.

          I hope this helps.