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AC Recon usin Plate & hook method

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  • AC Recon usin Plate & hook method

    Hi all, I am now 11 days since i had surgery on my AC Disruption. My surgeon used the steel plate screwed to the clavical with a hook to support the whole AC joint.My wound site is healing nicely whilst stll tender and bruised the pain is manageable.

    I am experiencing another issue i wanted to run by everyone to see if it is common. My arm and shoulder are fully supported by the slung at all times but it seems if i lean forward or go to get up out of a low sofa, my injure shoulder moves and it feels like maybe the hook is moving forward and catching on maybe a nerve or even muscle, not sure.

    When this happens the pain is unbeleivable and makes me stop dead still. If i then manipulate the whole shoulder i can get it to click back and it relieves the pain. This started when i went to get up from laying on the sofa about 5 days ago and seems to be getting worse in that now even if i cough or sneeze it happens. Wondered if anyone has come across this and if so what can i do? Seeing surgeon for follow up on Tuesday.

    All feedback appreciated, cheers

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    never heard of that one. ive heard of plates not doing its job and clavicle moving back up to injured position. also, never damage is very common with shoulder surgeries.

    keep us posted please.


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      Hi there,

      I would strongly suggest you get in contact with your surgeon. It doesn't sound right.

      Good luck !


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        My belief is that if something is hurting you and you are worried about it, I would call your surgeon as soon as you can. It has been explained to me many times that if you experience pain that it in many ways blocks the recovery of the other muscles and deactivates them. So all in all my advice would be don't put up with the pain. Take care of your shoulder.


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          Thanks for the feedback guys. I did consult my surgeon who tells me it is possible that the edge of the plate is catching muscle when i am moving too much? Since I first posted it seems to be getting better and not happening as often, so fingers crossed.

          I have been taking the arm out of sling a bit at night to sleep does anyone have an opinion on whether thi is a bad thing or should i be sleeping in the sling ?


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            Hi there,

            I wouldn't take your arm out of your sling to sleep. When we sleep we don't really know what we are doing and could move it more than your surgeon wants.

            A couple of weeks ago I asked my physio about this and said to ask my surgeon or sports physician. I asked my sports physician and said he wants me to continue wearing the sling at night as I will probably move it out of the range I'm supposed to.

            Good luck with your rehab !


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              you dont need to wear a sling when you are sleeping in bed.

              when you are upright (standing or sitting) your sling holds your arm from the force of gravity. when you are horizontal (sleeping) your body actually stays in place from your body.

              its common sense... sleeping at night can never guarantee that you wont move your arms whether you are in a sling or not. if it feels wrong, the pain will wake you up.


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                You need to be very careful about the comments you are making.

                My comments regarding a sling are based on my own experience and professional advice.

                Each person is different.


                I would ask your surgeon or physio if you can sleep without your sling. For me wearing the sling has helped reduce some of my pain levels. Good luck with your recovery.


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                  Post-operative advice

                  Everyone here needs to be on the careful side with respect to giving post-op advice. Surgeons are a bit like football coaches - overpaid, but should have the final say on management & if you don't like their results you can sack them.

                  Any patient with any queries on post-op advice should automatically go back to the surgeon to ask the question and, really, only accept advice from others involved in the management, eg referring doctor, physio, surgeon's practice nurse etc.

                  It is OK to ask (1) other patients what they did at certain times in their rehab and (2) other professionals what they would advise for rehab. However, you would be mad to ignore your own surgeon's recommendation for post-operative protocol in favour of a post on an internet forum (including mine!!!)

                  Therefore if your surgeon says to wear the sling at night, I would do it!
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