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Tore my pec 2 weeks ago, it is growing back deformed...suggestions?

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  • Tore my pec 2 weeks ago, it is growing back deformed...suggestions?

    I went to a very good orthopedic surgeon who said that even though my pec was torn, the tendon was completely in tact. He said that there is no surgery which can be done because you really cant sew to pieces of muscle together. Meanwhile, my pec is recovering quickly, but it is growing back caved in where the outside of the pec used to be. I am not too concerned about how it looks (although that is troublesome) but I am VERY concerned that my days in the gym will be forever changed. I notice that when I do anything which would have required that part of the pec muscle my arm is picking up the slack because the pec muscle is not there to do the work. My doctor said I would be 100% in about 6 weeks, but I fail to see how that will be the case. I have a follow up appointment on friday and I want to know if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do or what questions to ask.
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