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    Son has a small tear in his labrum just to the left of the 12:00 position. His doctor recommends surgery and he is scheduled for this Friday. Doctor has stated that the surgery is fairly simple and he will be able to start throwing in 4 weeks (he is a college baseball player - non pitcher) and should be 90% recovered at 3 months and should be 100% recovered at 4 months.

    He has said that PT would only have around a 33% chance of recovery since the problem has been going on now for several months without relief ( he was given a cortisone shot about 5 weeks ago to get him through the season but the pain is back and has undertaken stem therapy without good results). The doctor said surgery should have around 90 - 100% full recovery rate.

    This doctor has done over 400 of these surgeries and is the team Orthopedist for the University. He has worked with my son before on other injuries and they have a good relationship.

    Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else or has anyone recovered from this surgery in as little as 3-4 months? I think the key here is that it is a small tear and its position. he said probably one tack to secure.

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