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  • Bodybuilding Injury.


    Around 2 years ago i was performing free weight pec flys. On one occasion i went to far back an injured my right shoulder. For a couple of weeks i could not move fully but did not expierience any pain. Some simple movements at the time like while driving i could not move my elbow on to the window where to hard.

    For what ever reason i decided to wait it out. The injury seemed to heal but a few repocussions have emerged. Firstly my should cracks and grinds like an old rail road track when i swing my arm around. Secondly, when i goto the gym i can not benchpress upto a certain level or do any other movements that requie shoulder imput, and thirdly when i sit still for a medium length of time i feel slight pain, then crack it to make it feel better.

    Does anyone have any idea what i have done to myself??? Also, can anyone please recomend someone in Melbourne of whome i may see for this. I do enjoy bodybuilding as a sport and would love to get back into it.

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    Not sure.

    Perhaps you have done something to your rotator cuff?

    Well first and foremost, you should see a physio. If he refers you to a doctor and/or surgeon, and if it needs some sort of operation, get them to refer you to David Young - Melbourne Orthoapedic group. He's an excellent surgeon. Plus he has done Murali's shoulder for him aswell. He's highly reccommended. That's if you need an operation.

    But probably best to see a Physio because it could get worse down the track which is something you don't want. How old are you?