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shoulder problem?!what to do

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  • shoulder problem?!what to do

    I use to lift, but now I do a lot of push-ups. I've been experiencing a lot of shoulder cracking and popping when I do certain shoulder lifts, and also sometimes even when I do bench, I feel like there's some cracking, very uncomfortable and occasionally pain. When I rotate my shoulders there is also a lot of cracking. It seems as though it only is getting worse and worse, and becoming very uncomfortable to do certain lifts. Also, occasionally after I feel a dull pain or throb. I was wondering if anybody had any advice on what I should do, or if I should see a doctor. I'm also wondering if it could be solved if I took a break on bench, and certain exercises, and focused on others. All advice appreciated
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    Hi Jacob,

    I understand how frustrated you must be at the moment. To date I've surgery on both shoulders and currently doing rehab on my right one. How long have you had this problem for ?

    Have you tried not doing any push-ups and seeing if that helps ? It puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders doing push-ups. You could try doing some push-ups on an exercise ball which puts less pressure through your shoulders. I learnt that exercise from clinical pilates and can still help build the muscles up.

    One thing I've found really helpful in building up my shoulder muscles is clinical pilates. My shoulders became much stronger and have found my muscles have come back more quickly than the last shoulder operation I had.

    If the problem persists I'd recommend getting some professional advice. A sports physician is probably a good place to start. They generally have a much better ideas of these injuries than a GP. You may just need some physio to strengthen the muscles around your shoulders.

    Let us know how you get on.


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      Hi Jacob,

      I experience the same thing with my shoulder cracking and popping with certain movements. Particularly when I am doing push ups and some dynamic movements when I am doing my rehab exercises.

      I has raised this issue with two sports docs and they have said that because the shoulder is like a ball and socket, the problem is the humerus bone does not fit exactly well which causes the cracking noise. To be honest I don't believe them and my physio believes that the cracking is being caused by something else.

      One thing that I can suggest is that with certain movements which cause the cracking my physio altered them so that it caused less stress on my shoulder. It is also important to also engage your shoulder girdle when you do any exercise including the push ups.

      I think the first thing you should try is to maybe avoid doing push ups. If your shoulder doesn't improve you could go and see a sports physio who can try to teach you some techniques to try to protect your shoulder from injury.

      Hope this helps.