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Grade 3 Shoulder Separation of AC Joint

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  • Grade 3 Shoulder Separation of AC Joint

    Hi, wondering if anyone can pass on advice for recovery time from a Grade 3 shoulder separation of the AC joint. 3 weeks ago I separated my right shoulder playing rugby union where I was hit hard front on in a tackle and subsequent x-rays and doctors visits have confirmed that I sustained a Grade 3 AC joint separation.

    I now have my arm out of the sling and are managing to lift light things during everyday use and flexibility is almost at 135 degrees upwards (was only 90 degrees a week ago!). My right clavicle however is still protruding up through the skin and I'm worried a return to contact training too soon will weaken the area permanantly? My doctors have advised a 6-8 week recovery period, but I have seen so much improvement in just 3 weeks that I'm hopeful it could be sooner?

    My question is - if you have done a Grade 3 AC joint injury playing rugby, how long did it take you to get back to playing again with a conservative treatment plan - i.e. non surgical? And would you recommend this conservative treatment plan over surgery for a rugby player?

    Any advice on recovery times and how to promote this by adding in some light strengthening exercises would be great thanks!

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