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PyroCarbon Shell Humeral head resurfacing

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  • PyroCarbon Shell Humeral head resurfacing

    Hi All,

    I just had a TITAN pyrocarbon shell put in yesterday with humeral head resurfacing. I am lying in hospital with a nerve block and thought I'd share my story. IF anyone has had a similar procedure, I'd be grateful for any rehab timlelines/advice/return to activity:

    Info: I am 35 yrs old and have been seriously active for over 15yrs (lots of road cycling and racing for 18 years, gym, low volume swimming )

    2005- Dislocated Left shoulder while racing in the wet (young and silly). Ignored emergency doctor's advise to get it pinned after they popped it back in. After 3-4 years of crashes, dislocations around the house / outside, the shoulder started to dislocate in my sleep.

    2008- Got a Laterjet procedure (2 screws to stop dislocating). It was successful and after some rehab was able to swim freestyle and do light weights at gym. It never felt perfect but didn't worry me too much. Kept cycling heaps with 2 gym sessions per week.


    2010 August - Sunday, quiet morning on country roads, out on the bike with 4 team mates, single file. A passing car with a trailer sticking out clipped us and when I fell, I landed on my left forearm and back. Shoulder didn't feel right. I shattered the cartilage and labrum.

    2010 Nov - Arthroscope to repair labrum and tidy up shoulder. Surgein called afterward to say things didn't look good and had found some cartilage floating around and large chunks of cartilage missing

    2011 Jan - hydrodilitation injection provides temporary relief. Some physio.

    2011 - Back and forth with surgeon, over multiple sessions and discussing various options and treatments. After 3 unsuccessful Synvisc injections ; about 6 Platelet Rich Plasma injections , 6 self administered GH injections to hopefully regenerate cartilage, phyiso and gym (ridiculously low weights as left arm has withered since I hardly use it...idea was to build muscle to alleviate the joint ) the shoulder was painful, stiffened up and clicked if I moved it too fast or under load.
    Range of motion was poor, I hitched my hips reach for things, I can't reach overhead or even straight out infront. Bicep and elbow pain. The shoulder clicked painfully during weight bearing movements (eg. doing a pushup or rotator cuff exercise, or even just lying down and letting it fall to my side.) Right hand and part of the body became more dominant. I took Mobic and Naproxene as little as often as I didn't want to become dependent on them but they allowed more movement. I can't run or swim. The arm gets stiff when I ride and obviously my body is skew and rotated.

    My Questions:
    I'd like to talk to someone who's had the pyrocarbon shell put in (I think it's this and ask them about their
    restrictions and experience , what they can/ can't do etc.

    Will I be able to take up running or swim 20minutes freestyle? I am not asking to do boxing or play footy, just need to know I can do "normal" activities. (pushups, free weights to maintain strength, reach into my back pocket while cycling with my left arm, run around with nieces and nephews, get my arm up to the steering wheel without the right hand picking it up to get there....basics)

    Although my hardcore racing days are over, I will do the odd race and hope to continue cycling as it's a large part of my life (given the amount of time I've been doing it). I am worried if I crash, what happens to the shell. Although I could crash today and cause more damage. Theoretically I could trip while walking and stretch my arm out, damaging the shell.


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    Hi dan,
    i'm getting the titan pyro carbon humeral resurfacing implant on the 10/10/12. I would like to know how you went after surgery, and want movement you have now etc? I'm 40 now, at the age of 16 i had my first recon on the rigth shoulder and had another 7 from 1989 to 2012. It would be good how your going so far.


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      Re Pyrocarbon shell

      Hi All and Dan,
      Thanks for putting your story on, so similar to my husbands
      which lives in CHRONIC Pain for the past 6 years, is 43 years
      After years of specialists, professors, pain management, with a
      just get on with it attitude. We have arrived with a recent MRI, and shows
      chronic OA in the Right shoulder, and has suggested this new treatment

      We would be so appreciated to hear back from you, nowthat your surgery has been done

      In fact, any info would be so helpful, as after many failed attempts of surgery, just want
      to have some facts from a real person, in the same place

      THANKS for your time
      Kind Regards, Jade :-)


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        Just checking on in if you may have any updates on this surgery - THANKS KINDLY :-)


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          Hi Han

          Dan any update on how you are tracking post this surgery.

          I have had this surgery offered to me but am trying to hold off until more in depth research is published about the results of this type of surgery. I have chronic pain and shoulder arthritis in my left shoulder and would very much appreciate any update from you.

          All the Best