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    I have been out of action for about a year with a shoulder injury. I was boxing training regularly (5-6 times a week) and i began some light weights training aswell. While working on the bag one night i felt a warm stretching sensation in the front of my left shoulder (from an upper cut), just left of my pec muscle. I rested for a week and tried training again but it hurt too much when throwing punches or doing pushups. I was a student at the time and had little money. I had an ultra sound on my shoulder tendons and there was no evidence of any tears.

    About 6 months later i had got enough money together to see a physio for a period of about 8 weeks. He said i had upper head of bicept tendonitis and he gave me 2 cortisone injections. Nothing really changed from this. I was doing pec stretches and triger pointing on my side for about 3 months. This last year has been frustrating and now my shoulders hurt even when i go for a long run.

    I need help. Should i go see a surgeon specialist. Is there any decent ones up at the Sunshine Coast?
    Does anyone know what else it could be cause the phsio exercises are not helping.

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