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rotator cuff supraspinatus

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  • rotator cuff supraspinatus

    from doing weights this injury occurred in my left shoulder i been dealing with this injury for 7 months now . i had an ultrasound done and found a small tear in the supraspinatus tendon . shoulder speacalist said because im young i dont need surgery and it would take up to 1 year to fully heal .
    i have had phsio with the bands and now doing weights program again but using very light weight with high reps to get blood to the area for healing and also muscle strength to support the shoulder.

    when doing light weights or any shoulder movements it makes a clicking noise it also clicks when i sleep on my left shoulder . it dosnt cause any noticeable pain can any one tell me what this is ? will it go away over time ? will thiss clicking irratate the tendon and make it worse ? please help???????

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    Common problem, with lots of potential treatments. As suggested, time and rehab exercises may help. It is worth thinking about nitrate patches (see elsewhere on this website) and cortisone injections if the tear is small. Surgery can be used, but should be a later resort.
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