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Shoulder Dislocation Help Plz

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  • Shoulder Dislocation Help Plz

    Hi all..

    Hope someone can offer me some advice, I race Motocross (dirtbikes)
    and at the age of around 16 i dislocated my shoulder 3 times. I had my shoulder reconstructed using open shoulder surgery.. (hurt like hell)
    I gave the sport away not long after, now 8 years down the track i have rejoined the sport. Three weeks ago i dislocated the same shoulder again and have had it reduced in hospital, i am off to see Dr Grey Hoy in Melbourne in July.. What i am curious about is... Is it going to be possible to tighten my shoulder enough to enable me to continue my sport? If i have already had open shoulder surgery (reconstruction) i think its called bankart.. am i able to have an arthroscopic operation this time to re-tighten the shoulder?
    ohh sorry 1 last question... being that i was 15 or 16 when i had my first shoulder (bankart) reconstruction would my shoulder surgeon maybe not have tightened the shoulder as much as possible due to the fact i was still growing? or can the repair come loose over time?

    Any info or feedback would be so greatly appreciated.. You've got no idea how hard it is to race a motorbike when your always in fear of your shoulder falling out.. many thanks - Aron

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    Can reassure you that IMO Dr Greg Hoy is a top shoulder surgeon. He did Shane Warne's shoulder and Pat Rafter's as well I think.

    There is a failure rate of open reconstruction and the younger you are the less successful it is.

    Therefore have Greg Hoy do the revision if you want to keep racing bikes, and pray that a dislocated shoulder is the worst thing you come up with during your career in that suicidal sport!
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