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I'm sick of my shoulder too!

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  • I'm sick of my shoulder too!


    A year ago I was going to the gym and I felt a pull in my shoulder as I was lifting weights. It continued to be sore after this for a number of weeks so I went to the physio. I have been going there on and off for the past year, doing the exercises he has recommended, applying heat, taking Nurofen etc. However it has not gotten any better.

    Last week the Physio recommended I go to the doctor as I may possibly have a SLAP lesion and need either an ultrasound or MRI scan.

    I have been reading what I can about this, but have not found many relevant sites understandable to the lay person such as myself.

    1.) does anyone know the difference between getting an MRI vs. ultrasound, in terms of what treatment I can expect
    2.) What are the costs (I'm in Perth) of the above
    3.) WHat are the costs associated with arthroscope/ keyhole surgery which the physio said was probably what may happen.
    I understand that any info provided will only be an estimate, but i just want to know what to expect, I'm so sick of my shoulder I just want it better so I can go back to the gym!

    I'd appreciate any help/info you have.

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    There is a fair bit on this site on costs of MRI scans (although nothing in Perth) and costs of surgery, if you do some searching.

    If SLAP tear is a presumed diagnosis, you need MRI scan rather than ultrasound.

    MRIs in Sydney & Melbourne cost approx $300 if paying cash, but more if under Medicare (although there is a Medicare rebate if ordered by the specialist).

    Please ring the local MRI providers to ask about costs (and if you get a quote for Perth, please post it on this site).

    Surgery might cost $3000-4000 all up if uninsured but if you have insurance you might get the vast majority back.
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      shoulder woes...

      Has your Physio tried Muscle Energy Technique and Strain and Counter Strain Techniques ?? Super techniques to be explored...

      Ben Neves Hull England