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  • Originally posted by MikeBNR
    WROBZEUS - you are my inspiration

    I'm now 10 days post op and I just got my staples out today. After I got my first look at a now atrophied leg, my doc told me about my agressive treatment.

    So I get the splint off and he puts me an air walking boot at neutral position. After one week before surgery and 10 days after with my toes pointed down, getting it to neutral was quite an experience. He said it's really up to me how much weight to put on it, since it's pretty well protected inside the boot. I want to give my tendon a few days at neutral before I start some PWB on that leg. With luck, I can be walking without crutches in two weeks. He also said I can start doing some very light stretching next week to try to gently increase the range of motion.

    Three weeks from now, I go back and start PT. Now that I see how early mobilization in healthy young people can work - I have a lot of confidence. I just need to keep myself in check and not push too far too fast.

    I just got my staples out as well?..back to the cast again. Doc said no to the waterproof lining for now. ( maybe in a week or two ) This stinks as I?m on vacation and won?t get to jump in the pool. What kind of air walking boot did they give you? Where in NJ are you?


    • Originally posted by WROBZEUS
      Gator's PE story scared me because I am pushing so hard in rehab. I will definitely start back on the aspirin. I am eight weeks post op today. My recovery has been very good. I am doing some very advanced balancing and strength exercises for my bad leg. I am now able to do 100 two legged standing calf raises in almost perfect balance with a pause at the top and bottom. I have some swelling after but it always goes away with sleep and ice. I'll be playing my first round of golf tomorrow and I'm not really worry about me leg holding up. I will be taking a cart though. Full stretch and really am not worried about a re rupture, but I am still careful. My calf muscle is now fully activated with my calf raises, but it is still smaller than my good one. Will start ice skating within the next 4 weeks. Good luck all.
      10 week spost op - I have been to the driving range 3 times and hit 110 balls each time, one more visit and then 9 holes for real on Monday (no cart for me !!) Then on Wednesday I fly out to Hotel Abbeye du Golf on the outskirts of Paris for 7 days of golf, horse riding (daughter and wife) and sightseeing. I will post my score on Monday evening !!


      • peteb - There is a balance you have to strike. I'm in a walking boot so there really isn't much I can do to stretch the tendon. I still have to be very careful that I don't slip in the shower or jump out of bed without the boot because it's not even close to being able to support that kind of weight.

        The whole point of early mobilization is to reduce scar tissue binding the repair site to other places in the leg - the tendon needs to be free to slide in order to have a proper range of motion following repair.

        Vermorel - I am the proud owner of an Aircast XP Walker. Not too shabby, but getting my foot to 90 degrees took some work. I live in central Jersey, near Princeton


        • MikeBNR -thanks for clarifying that, it makes a lot more sense to me now you describe it. I do have tightness in the area of the AT repair although it feels like the surrounding skin and muscle rather than the tendon itself, and it does feel like scar tissue. This is after 6 1/2 weeks in plaster with no mobilisation and 2 weeks of physio.

          However, the ankle joint is steadily loosening up and my bad foot is now nearly capable of stretching, rotating etc to nearly the same extent as the good foot, so I'm hopeful that I can stretch things back to normal over time as long as I don't "accept" the tightness as normal - i.e. keep on stretching against it. As to specific scar-tissue bashing, I don't think my physio is doing that except for what happens during the loosening up of the ankle and building up of muscle strength.


          • AmiS - I survived the car drive! In fact it felt pretty normal, and interestingly the specific movement needed to press the accellerator seemed to exercise a part of my calf that the normal exercises don't reach. I also had to react quickly when someone came round a blind corner on the wrong side of the road (Sods' law- although this was in the back streets of the village at 15mph) and my leg met the challenge admirably. So I'm going to see if I can get the doctor to okay me for insurance purposes, and then I'm mobile again!


            • Hello Again

              Went out with the cricket team, last night for their end of year bash. I played for them twice and it was in the second game I ATR'd. We lost the game and I have been contsantly reminded of it,as i had to retire hurt and it was the only game the team had lost in 2 years.

              Anyway, we had a few beers, a quiz and then went for a curry. At the end of the night, I left the table to go to the little boys room and took just one stick and left the other by my chair, as it was only a short hop away.

              When I returned everyone had left the table and was mysteriously waiting for me by the entrance to the dinning area. I thought they were just been polite. Anyway one of the boys past me the other stick whilst I put my coat on with shouts of come on Dai (Welsh version of David). I got my sticks in my arms to 'tink' forward and found my left stick drop 2 feet.

              There followed shrieks of laughter including from me, as I not so skillfully managed to keep my balance...... The swines had altered the length of my stick.

              Luckily I managed to stop myself from falling over that saved further embarrassment. However, it was the best laugh I've had since my injury.


              • PeteB
                If you can drive, so can I!! I'm going to push for this sooner rather than later...I'm hopefully down to one crutch tomorrow


                • I've practiced walking with one crutch for most of the day. Even with one shoe it felt odd - like walking with one foot on a kerb! I think it would be easier to go full weight bearing now - but I don't think my physio will go for it. Interestingly it doesn't seem to affect my heel exercises doing this type of walking
                  I'm amazed by your recovery. It is an inspiration. Be careful though: don't overdo it.
                  I get frustrated sometimes about this as it is possible I could have had a more aggressive recovery process but for my stupid GP....oh well. No point in going there again....



                  • peteb
                    How's your gallic physio going? Is he still quite aggressive in his foot massages??

                    David G
                    You clearly cost the team deserved it surely!!!

                    MarkF - have a good holiday!



                    • After 7 wks in plaster (no op.) taking OH to hospital in morning to have it removed.
                      After reading lots of posts, not sure what the consultant will say, we live in UK, it seems that different countries have different ideas on after care.

                      Do they just leave you to walk out on your own or do you go straight to the physio dept., do they let you keep the crutches? must remember to take the other shoe.

                      Just got back from Milan and no signs of DVT, but, if it's going to happen how long does it take after flying?

                      David, thanks for the laughs, I love your sense of humour.



                      • Peteb I am not sure your is in the right place (physio), have you possibly ttaken the wrong door..???? perhaps your french is not as good as you thought ???? ballon popping by any chance??


                        • Hi All
                          Wow so many pages to read this time.
                          Bringing everyone up to speed on me.
                          ATR 26 May playing softball
                          Surgery 4 June
                          front slab toe pointed down 2 weeks
                          stitches removed cast in almost neutral position 4 weeks
                          Started PT the day cast came off one wedge in normal shoe I go three times a week, wedge came out second week of PT
                          I am now 10 weeks 3 days post op I walk in normal shoes no wedges dont use crutches nor walking stick. Have a slight limp.
                          At PT I have a massage and then get straight into exercises one is the leg press which is great as with every session I can feel my foot freeing up. My PT said I can now go back to the gym and do the same workouts on alternate days being the bike and leg press as long as I don't push it and only do as much as I am doing with him. Also he said I should be driving again in two weeks as strength in my right leg (ATR) is excellent. I must mention even though I am 53 I have played sport all my life and I do believe if you keep active you do recover quicker and a positive attitude doesn't hurt.

                          I know I still have a long ways to go but to be free and able to get around is the best and once I can drive again I know that light in the tunnel has finally come on.....

                          Take care all


                          • Hi all...
                            injury summary:

                            21 April partial ruptured during indoor soccer
                            03 June fully ATR. again soccer!
                            04 June back slab for 2 weeks!conservative treatment!
                            20 June did not like that treatment ( chance of re-rupture was high ) had surgery.front slab for 10 days
                            29 June Stitches off! have AT walking BOOT for 8 weeks!
                            06 August Crutches gone! start FWB with the boot & have my normal shoe ready with 2cm heel difference! no wedges! start walking without boot around the home, start PT...
                            Next Monday on 20th PT & walking with normal shoe hopefully!
                            at this stage I feel very good! had a 4 weeks holiday... went to mountain with crutches my AT is a little bit tight! walking with slight limp!
                            probably I can drive from week 10th p-op! which is from 6th of Sept.

                            Its been 4 months since I injured my AT.I am still acting very positive & as Christina said seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
                            I hope for all of you a very fast recovery....

                            Take care all
                            Cheers Reza


                            • Hey Reza

                              Good to hear from you again. All sound good for you too. It seems quite some time ago when we all started here thinking and feeling that life as we know it was over. But here we are a few months down the track and we are thinking hey this aint so bad. So we walk with a limp that will be gone soon. As for all behind us you will see once the cast comes off and PT starts you do feel 100% better.

                              By the way Reza.... how was swimming down at Homebush? I started back at the gym today even that was another step back to normal life.

                              Take care all
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                              • AmiS - are you using the single crutch on the bad side or the good side? I started off with it on the same side as my bad foot until the physio pointed out you should put it on the good side and advance it together with the bad foot, leaving the good foot to come through the middle. Until he pointed that out it did seem to me that I was "walking along a kerb" as you put it...