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No surgery ( Achilles tendon) : Roll of Honour.

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  • No surgery ( Achilles tendon) : Roll of Honour.

    Name: Domjuan.

    Achilles rupture date: 06/09/07 (September 6th 2007)

    Leg: Right.

    Method: Skipping.

    Protocol: 8 weeks boot, sensor tests, 6 weeks physio, 6 weeks Foot and ankle class, sensor tests at 9 months, gym work, walking and strength work.

    Discharged: 9 months.

    Comeback: Skipping at 300 days.

    Legend status: 06/09/08.

    Problems: sore calf in month 3/4.

    General: I was fine after 6 months, apart from sport. I followed the protocol as advised and achieved a full recovery.

    No 1 Tip: Never! stand up without your boot on.

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    Name: Joe

    Achilles rupture date: 26/08/07

    Leg: Left

    Method: 5-a-side football

    Protocol: 12 weeks cast non-weight bearing. Full weight bearing with orthosis. Physio then gym work, balance, walking, cycling, swimming.

    Discharged: 12 months.

    Comeback: Cycling outdoors at 7 months. Running outdoors at 10 months Surfing at 14 months

    Problems: Initial Muscle weakness and tightness in calf + poor balance. Occasional soreness in heel

    General: First 6 months were slow but persistence pays off. Calf Strength now back at 90%, flexibility 90%. Balance better than before. Continual improvement

    No 1 Tip(s): Stretch, Massage, Strengthen, repeat

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      Name: Jess Mc

      Achilles rupture date: 13/11/07

      Leg: Right

      Method: wrong-footed in a badminton match

      Protocol: 1 week to diagnose. Partial tear where tendon meets the calf muscle. Aircast boot, full weight bearing for 9 weeks (2 weeks with 1 wedge, 7 weeks no wedges). Physio for 6 months, exercises, walking, static cycling, wobble board.

      Discharged: about 8 months

      Comeback: First time back on the badminton court after 7 months. Playing properly circa 10 months.

      Problems: Overdoing physio exercises a couple of times and setting my recovery back.

      General: First 4 months very hard - both physically and mentally. Whole recovery process takes a long time, can be very frustrating, muscles become weak and take time to re-build. there is so much you have to re-learn. Now totally ecstatic with my results - heartily recommend the conservative approach.

      No 1 Tip(s): Be a patient Patient!

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      Jess Mc


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        Name: Jane Elizabeth

        Acilles Rupture Date: 9/01/08

        Leg: Left

        Method: Badminton Tournament ( leapt back onto left foot whilst attempting overhead clear from the rear of court)

        Protocol: 9 weeks in series of 3 casts non weight bearing then physio (private and NHS) balance, swimming,static cycling,walking.

        Discharged: 5 months

        Comeback: Back on court after 7 months, playing decent matches at 10 months. Outdoor running at 9 months.

        Legend Status: 9/01/09

        Problems: Swelling whilst in plaster (esp.evenings). Stiff knee and front of shin when out of plaster.Poor circulation-cold foot! Sore/numb heel. General paranoia.."Is it joined?!".

        General: First 3 months very hard.Calf strength now at 90% and flexibility about the same.It takes a year to short cuts.

        No.1 tip: ALWAYS dry the rubber tips on base of crutches when coming in from the rain!

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          Name: Markyj.

          Achilles rupture date: 06/04/08 (April 16th 2008)

          Leg: Left.

          Method: 5 A-side Football, turned and felt a blow to the calf thinking I had been kicked.

          Protocol: 4 weeks cast NWB, 4 weeks Breg Boot - began weight bearing at 6 weeks and lost the crutches, then into shoe, 6 weeks NHS wasted physio basically doing nothing, 6 weeks private physio, work, golf and plenty of walking to strengthen. Still strengthening it now slowly but surely....

          Discharged by NHS: 14 weeks - useless for me.

          Comeback: Static cycling indoors building up from 1 mile to 10 miles from 15 weeks. Full round of golf (walking) built up to and acheived at about 22 weeks. Full duties as an electrician (Ladders etc) at 23 weeks.

          Legend status: 16/04/09.

          Problems: Swelling in plaster quite bad at times. Painfull heel 22 - 28 weeks, slight pocket of swelling between achilles and ankle took a while to go.

          General: I was fine after 6 months, playing full rounds of golf. I followed the protocol as advised and copied from others here. I never took any risks at all, never. Easily Playing a full round of golf without any pain or major stiffness after. Can have a little kick about with my son - This I said I would never do !!! Achilles has no pain when squeezed or used and is only slightly thicker than the other one now. Still stretch it often and will continue to do so untill ??

          No 1 Tip: NO RISKS!!!
          No 2 Tip: Stretch, rest and repeat as much as you can wherever you are.

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            Name: Kristi

            Achilles rupture date: 16th June, 2008

            Leg: Right.

            Method: Playing netball (sprinting to get ball)

            Protocol: 5 weeks in plaster. 6 weeks in boot ( 6cm wedge - 1 cm wedge taken out each week) ( then a small wedge for my runner for a further 3 weeks) Light physio from week 12 - 17. Stretching every day. Light walking

            Discharged: 9 months.

            Comeback: Not to netball! Running from 10months

            Legend status: 16/06/09

            Problems: Where to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RR from original first Rupture 6 weeks prior to 16/6. SURGERY - Silly silly - had plaster for 5 weeks then boot. Didn't put boot on to go to toilet - used crutches and slipped. Down, down, down the snakes and ladders board to the beginning. So six weeks wasted and back in plaster - NO SURGERY - due to advice of wound breakdown

            General: Never had any pain in achilles at all. Swolled often. Cold feet always. Very tight in front of foot. Like a much needed crack was needed. Apart from that it was more psychological.



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              Name: Pascale

              Achilles rupture date: 21 July 2008

              Leg: Left

              Method: Dancing (jumping)

              Protocol: 4 weeks equus in plaster NWB. 4 weeks in boot 90 degress FWB no wedges.

              Discharged: 9 weeks

              Comeback: Hiking, jogging (6-7 months), rollerblading, mountain biking (9 months)

              Legend status: 21 July 2009

              Problems: Swelling around outer ankle which took a long time to go away. Clicking in ankle joint (still does sometimes). Limped on and off for over 5 months. Took a long time to be able to do single calf raises.

              General: Never had any pain or stiffness in achilles or calf; overall weakness and fear played important roles in recovery. Practised yoga 3 times/week starting week 1 in boot and walked every day at least 2 kms. Went to PT weeks 9-12 and saw osteopath. Took up swimming in 5th month which helped build up strength in calf. I barely did any exercises at home (i.e. rubber band, wobble board, stair lifts...).

              No 1 Tip: get it in your head from day one that it's going to be very long. I think the majority of ATR patients are healthy, young and physically active (some extremely) and the general consensus is that it takes over 7 months to resume an active lifestyle - and more for more strenuous activities. No 2 tip: Be on your guard AT ALL TIMES until the 6-month mark. I've done some really stupid things and in retrospect, I'm damn lucky and surprised i didn't RR. You're better off moving a little slower or taking an extra 3 min to do something than starting at day 1. Also, READ READ READ! just about all your questions have been/can be answered on this site.


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                Name: Jacques (AKA TotoLeHeros)

                Achilles rupture date: 20 Sept 2008

                Leg: Right

                Method: Volleyball (attempt to jump) ; was wearing new shoes (little flatter heel than ususal)

                Protocol: 5 weeks equinus in plaster NWB. 5 weeks in boot (FWB) with wedges; taking some out, till week 10, when foot reached 90 degree. PT twice a week from week 10 to week 20. Lots of WobbleBoard week 15-30.

                Discharged: 10 weeks

                Comeback: Swimming (week 10) light jogging (9 months) Snowboard yet to come this winter!

                Legend status: 21 Sept 2009

                Problems: Ankle being stuck between wk 10-20. PT worked it out by doing some traction manipulation. Took a long time to be able to do single calf raises (8 months).

                General: Never had any pain (except for when I walk the 1st without the boot. Fortunately, I had read Dom's advice on letting the pain guide you and I ease off immediately (Thanks Dom!) ; I did a lot of exercice on my own at home from week 10 onward (still doing it whenever watching TV)

                No 1 Tip: Patience, calf/achilles eccentric stretch* and Wobble board

                *Read this:
                ** Only one post per person!
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                  Name: Kevin (kpturner)

                  Achilles rupture date: 30 June 2009

                  Leg: Right.

                  Method: 5-a-side football - complete rupture of right achilles

                  Protocol: 2 weeks in plaster, 6 weeks in boot. Last two weeks in boot full weight bearing and then from week 9 no boot or crutches. Phyio.

                  Discharged: Stopped physio and did my own thing about 13-14 weeks post rupture

                  Comeback: Played football at week 10 (if you consider standing in goal and not moving much "playing"). Gradually built up from there. Was able to play 18 holes of golf from about week 12.

                  Legend status: 30 June 2010

                  Problems: Limp up to about weeks 14-15 (can't remember exactly when it stopped). Slightly tight calf, thick tendon but nothing that causes problems. Main problems in the first few weeks were boredom and a terrible feeling of claustrophobia when the plaster was on.

                  General: Everything pretty much back to normal quite quickly considering. I was expecting months of immobilisation but actually was only 2 months before I was free of crutches and boot and progress was very quick once I was able to walk around normally.

                  No 1 Tip: There are lots of tips about never do this that and the other, but my tip would be this: Nobody knows your body as well as you do. so do what feels comfortable for you as long as it seems sensible. I took my boot off to shower and to sleep although you are told not to. I also walked on it without crutches very early on because the crutches were a pain in the bum - also not recomended. However, for me this all made the healing process much more bearable and personally I believe that it actually helped me heal quicker, I was just careful in the shower and careful in bed!

                  ** Only one post per person
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                    Name: Rob

                    Achilles rupture date: 9th November 2009

                    Leg: Left.

                    Method: Squash
                    Protocol: 7 weeks plaster, then 6 weeks aircast boot. 6 weeks hydrotherapy began at week 16, followed by 9 weeks Physio gym work.

                    Discharged: One final(?) appointment booked for 5 months time – cancel if not required.

                    Comeback: Advised still too early to play squash again other than a knock about – still several weeks away from regaining full leg strength. Swimming at 5 months, jogging at 7 months gardening at 5 months – with boot initially.

                    Legend status: 09/11/10.

                    Problems: Sore heels for first few weeks without boot, and ankle sore and stinging at side in months 4 and 5. Couldn’t do heel ups until 11 months.

                    General: First 5 months very slow, don’t start physio too early - I started at week 9 and then stopped for until week 22 after hydrotherapy finished. 4 month stage before no boot or crutches, began walking short distances in month 5. Hydrotherapy (once a week for 6 weeks) of great value especially in gaining confidence to start swimming again.

                    No 1 Tip: Patience, wear boot in bed as well as when wearing day time, crutches can be very tricky on wet pavements and floors!

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                      Name: Omes.

                      Achilles rupture date: 20/04/10

                      Leg: Left.

                      Method: Football.

                      Protocol: 2 days cast, 6-8 weeks boot at different positions, physio.

                      Discharged: 5 months.

                      Comeback: Football 7 months.

                      Legend status: 20/04/11.

                      Problems: No problems. Thicker tendon but that's expected.

                      General: I followed protocol and home remedies to the t. At 3 months I was riding my push bike. At 6 months I was back at football and taking it slow. A year on am fine and back to normal.

                      No 1 Tip: Follow your protocol, stay does get better.

                      * Only one post per person!


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                        Name: TraceyJ

                        Achilles rupture date: 12/05/10

                        Leg: Left.

                        Method: Gym training session

                        Protocol: 3 weeks cast NWB, 9 weeks in boot PWB (4 x wedge, 1 removed every fortnight ), physio.

                        Discharged: about 9 months.

                        Comeback: Light gym work at 5 months, running & hill walking 10 months

                        Legend status: 09/05/11.

                        Problems: Suspected partial RR at about 5 months but Consultant concluded that it wasn't actually the tendon, rather scar tissue
                        No other major problems. Tendon is still a bit stiff first thing in morning but fine after a stretch. Still have some weakness in ankle area.

                        General: Honestly followed the prescribed protocol to the absolute letter (pretty unusual in my Consultant's experience) despite being pretty unconfortable and downhearted at times.

                        No 1 Tip: Stay positive, don't take shortcuts with the protocol, it will get you down at times and you'll wonder if you'll ever be the same but with time and patience you will.

                        p.s. be very wary of wet surfaces when trying to make your way around on crutches!!