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Achilles Tendon (cut with sharp object) ,need advice for recovery ?

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  • Achilles Tendon (cut with sharp object) ,need advice for recovery ?

    I cut my AT days ago ,the doc said the vertical cut with that glass I cut was not a big deal ,I had the surgery and a half cast was "installed" to me ,only in the upper part of the leg so the doc could treat the wound with iodine for one week, after that
    After weeks from the injury the doc made a full cast for my leg with a obtuse angle
    After 10 days another cast with a acute angle
    And today the 40-th day I removed the cast and I only have a elastic bandage wrapped .

    How should I exercise now ,
    I am a little bit afraid to push the tendon to the limit ,afraid of re-rupture because I don't have any pain at all just I don't have the elasticity and flexibility that the other leg has.

    One other thing I have only used one crutch and I move really fast with it (my good calf muscle has developed a lot ) , Now i don't know how to walk with my hurt foot will I need another crutch .

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