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    I had an Achilles tendon repair in Apr. of this year. He had to take the tendon off the bone and reattach it back in order to get to a heel spur that had a fracture. I have been doing PT for about 6 1/2 months and I can walk with some pain but going down the stairs is fairly painful. I have increased motion and strength, but still a ways to go. How much PT has anyone had (at the most) for PT to be successful? I am a bit concerned.

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    Hi Igaret

    It really depends on what you consider successful. What are your goals i.e. return to high level sports or just be able to comfortably go for a walk?

    Achilles tendon repair is probably one of the hardest injuries to rehabilitate and is quite variable depending on the exact nature of the surgery. Your surgeon should probably be able to give you the best idea. Realistically though it is probably never going to be quite as good as it was before, but that's not saying you won't potentially be able to get back to high level activity.

    There was a recent study come out looking at the return to sport following achilles tendon rupture in NFL players and I can't remember the exact stats but it was a fairly low percentage that actually returned to their previous level, I think it might of been around 30%, but that is obviously a very extreme example of high level sports and as I said the majority of people are still able to return to high level activity.

    I would typically give it up to 12 months to be able to perform high level activity like sprinting and jumping, but in saying that you will probably hear some people return to sport in 6 months, remember everyone is individual and not every surgery and rehabilitation is the same.
    Ryan Broad D Phty, BSc (SpExSc)
    East Coast Sports Physiotherapy
    Precision Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement


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      Thank you Ryanbroad82. I just met with my surgeon last week and he told me it could take as long as a year. Didn't tell me how long to do PT. Maybe they'll just have me do the home exercises after that. I have 8 more visits and see PT 2X a month. I'll see the Dr. again in 2 months to see how I am doing. That I may never be 100% is discouraging. I hope I'll be one of the lucky ones. My goals are to not have pain when I walk 'or' go down the stairs. I'm not a big time athlete.
      Thanks again