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    Default Saga of the mystery nurse

    This is a rather incredulous story, but it worth reading (as a humorous piece) as it reinforces enjoyable stereotypes of rugby union players & Kiwis. You have to ask the question of why and how this allegedly happened given that the Lions had a support staff of 2500 on their tour:

    Lion's 'mystery nurse' puzzles Kiwis
    From correspondents in Wellington
    October 27, 2005

    BRIAN O'Driscoll's claim that a nurse tried to souvenir his Lions shirt when he dislocated a shoulder has baffled New Zealand rugby and medical officials.

    In an extract from his tour diary, published in The Guardian daily, the British and Irish Lions captain tells how a "nurse-physio" started to cut his Lions shirt off after he was stretchered off the field at Jade Stadium in Christchurch.

    The Irish star likened it to "picking over the bones of the Lions corpse".

    "Then, and I still can't believe this, the nurse asked me if she could have my Lions shirt," he wrote.

    "Mother of God, what was she thinking? I've been speared off the bloody pitch after just 40 seconds of a Test series and she wants the shirt off my back as well.

    "'Get this woman out of here,' I was thinking, still unable to talk properly. 'What is wrong with this bloody country? Just start treating me like a human being, will you?'"

    But the claim has puzzled the St John Ambulance service, which said it did not have a nurse in the medical room and that O'Driscoll's treatment was controlled by the Lions medical team.

    "We only supplied his transport from the pitch to the medical room and later on to the hospital, and again under supervision of the Lions medical team," spokeswoman Amy McDermott is quoted in the Christchurch Press today.

    The New Zealand Rugby Union was also unable to identify the mystery nurse, saying there was only a match doctor on duty.

    "It is all news to us. None of the complaints that Brian O'Driscoll has raised coincide with any of the issues raised by the Lions management during our debriefing," said rugby spokesman Brian Finn.

    It is not the first time an injured rugby player has said a medical staff member has tried to take his gear at Jade Stadium. In his book, former All Blacks halfback Justin Marshall said that when he ruptured an Achilles tendon in 1998 he was asked to give up his boots by a medic.

    A more serious issue that was raised by the Lions in the debriefing was the absence of morphine to numb O'Driscoll's pain.

    Finn said the medical officer with the morphine had gone to the rescue of a patron suffering a fatal heart attack outside the front gate, "which unfortunately just happened exactly at the same time".

    Agence France-Presse
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    That's hilarious!

    Perhaps he'd had more that just a Sudafed, pre-match...

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    That's classic. And I can honestly see that happening in NZ



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