Hi, on the 6th Oct i was playing netball, and as i was running back i heard a pop and then i went down, i could no longer put pressure on my foot and had to get a lift home. The next day i went to the Drs who put me on ati inflammatories and he could feel that my tendon was still all together - not a complete rupture.. Was sent of for an u/s immed just to confirm which showed up a partial tear on my tendon, appr 15cm from my heel. I had physio immed. When the physio did the Thompson test she was concerned as my foot did not flex, but she could also feel that all my tendon was in place and i could point my toes .. I was put in a cam boot with a crutch. Last week i went back to the physio and as i again faile the Thompson test she sent me back to another u/s just in case it was a full tupture. So off again i went and it showed exactly the same as the first u/s, just a partial tear, the size of the tear was different , but she said it could depend on the angle of the u/s machine.. Physio just wanted to be sure, she could feel my tendon, there was no gap etc, and i could move my foot certain ways ,a nd claims if it was a full rupture i couldnt do it.. The physio thinks that i may have done my calf as well and this could be the popping i heard.. So i am in a boot with the crutch and physio is thinking at the end of the week, i can take the boot off and see how i go.. i am so nervous. i can walk on it but only very flat footed.. i am scared of a fully ruptire, but physio assures me the chance of this happening is slim.. So if anyone out there has had a partial tear what was your recovery like, when could you walk normal? it is 2weeks tomorrow, my calf is also feeling quite tight.. physio has advised i dont need surgery as well as the sonographer.