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    Red face 2nd TFCC tear in 18 months...ADVICE PLEASE


    I injured my wrist at the gym about 2 years ago and went to my orthopedic surgeon. He did a repair 18 months ago on my partially torn TFCC and I was problem free for the past year or so.

    My wrist has really been bothering me so I returned to my DR and he ordered another MRI. I need advice about what to do. Should I see a hand/wrist surgeon instead of the Orthopedist? I don't want to keep going through this and am wondering what all of these results mean. Is there something more than just a TFCC tear that needs to be addressed?

    I appreciate any feedback you can give me.

    Here are the results:

    1. Positive ulnar variance with focal area of subchondralsclerosis and edema identified, proximal ulnar aspect of thelunate. The findings would be more consistent with ulnarabutment or impingement as opposed to Kienbock√?¬?s, as theremainder of the lunate demonstrates normal marrow signalcharacteristics, consistent with persistent perfusion.2. Extensive tear identified, ulnar styloid attachment of thetriangular fibrocartilage complex and through the body of theTFCC near the ulnar styloid attachment.3. Intermediate signal identified, volar scapholunate ligament.Incomplete continuity identified, central portion of thelunotriquetral ligament. Volar and dorsal components of thisstructure are intact.4. 8 mm ganglion identified, volar radiocarpal articulation.5. Tenosynovitis, extensor carpi radialis tendons and extensorcarpi ulnaris, with associated tendinosis within the ulnaristendon.

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    For starters, a hand/wrist surgeon IS an orthopedist. Second, once you have had a significant enough wrist soft tissue injury that required surgery, you've now won yourself a wrist that is predisposed to injury. You've obviously re-injured your wrist(after reading your results).
    After my initial wrist fracture/soft tissue injury, my wrist was never the same. I underwent 6 reconstructive surgeries to repair repetitive TFCC injuries. The wrist becomes weaker and more prone to injury(sprains). As you can imagine, I was in bad shape by surgery 6. It was so unstable that we ended up fuzing it (I'm 24, the fusion was done 6 months ago).

    Best decision ever made. As for you? discuss the results with your orthopod. If he doesnt want to do anything, get a second opinion.

    Good Luck

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    Default TFCC surgery

    How long did it take you to recover from the tfcc surgery?

    I just have my second wrist arthroscopy.... First repair work done to the tfcc.... I am 4 1/2 months postop and in more pain now than ever. Any thoughts are appreciated



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