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    Default can we make therapeutics from essential oil?

    hy guys iam new here...
    i want ask something, after read and search in google i founds something new, here : http://vetiver.withessentialoil.com/
    they told me if we use something like essential oil we can reduce stress in our body it's that true?

    need your suggestion here...
    thanks for all your help, i appreciated

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    I use vetiver as a stress reliever oil. I guess for me, I have made it more like a ritual by having a hot bath, lighting a candle and now my body knows that this is time out time.
    Vetiver is considered to be a grounding essential oil and I'd recommend mixing it with some more floral oils. I'm not sure that you can rub it straight onto your body. It's a deep woody smell so not very pleasant by itself. The best way is to put a few drops and mix it with other oils in a bath. If you don't have a bath you can do it as a foot soak.

    If you've got body aches, I'd add some lavender, or peppermint to the mix. The fun part is being able to experiment with different oils so enjoy!



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