Hi All

I'm a new member and thought you guys might have some experience or opinions to offer. I am 26 years old, and have in the past been very active, exercising up to 8 sessions a week.

10 years ago I had surgery to remove a bone spur from my knee. Even post surgery I found that I still had pain after exercise, but I just dealt with it.

Now I have no cartilage left in my right knee joint and am in pain on a daily basis and surgeons are recommending a partial knee replacement. Everything I read refers to most patients being at least 50 years old and I am worried that even if I do get 10 years of activity out of this, I will possibly need to have it redone when I am 36...46.... Surely this can't continue to my life expectancy of maybe 75???

Has anyone had any experience with this or has had this done and can share war stories?

Thanks guys