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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas
    I agree, it does look like you are trying to sell something.
    But is does sound like you have had a lot of trouble. You must have been seeing real, experienced doctors. Blood and pee tests aren't going to show what is the cause of back pain.
    Like I said (or did I forget?), back pain and ischias were only small part of my problems. Others were breathing problems (asthma test negative), heart problems (ultrasound ok), headaches, migrens (brain mri ok), occasionally leg weaknes (neural impulse test ok), shoulder pain (ultrasound ok), cold arm and poor blood circulation in hands -> thorax outlet syndrome diagnosed, tiredness, dizzyness. And I have been doing a lot of sports all my life. I was good fit, non smoker, normal weigth,... Nothing was wrong according to top medical doctors (MD PTs, doctors, neurologians, orthopedians, PTs..)

    Only chiro and naprapath told me I had something wrong in my pelvis but didn't say what, and they told I had hypermobile spine... Doctors never even examined my pelvis! They did say I had scoliosis, lordosis and short left leg (1cm). Those were found about 22 years ago as I was 13yrs old. But they did nothing... they never examined where those came from!

    Everything is ok now after 15 years of pain. What happened? I got my pelvic joint subluxations corrected. There had been problems since I was a child, but no doctor even examined me.

    And there are millions like me who haven't found help...

    Orrin Mann MD, MPH, Medical Director Department of Occupational Health Multicare Associates of the Twin Cities Rosedale, MN
    Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Volume 40 * Number 5 * May 1998 Letters to the Editor
    Pelvic Joint Dysfunctions
    "Recognizing that very few physicians are trained in diagnosing pelvic joint dysfunctions, my judgment is that these are the most frequently Amisdiagnosed (or nondiagnosed) conditions in the United States, effecting millions of patients annually."
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