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    I did not have a brace, and from day one was on crutches with toe touch only for two weeks. I didn't use the crutches for that long, they seemed more dangerous than just walking carefully. I have three titanium screws embedded in my pelvis "sit bones." The scar is 5 inches long and has healed really well.
    Lennyj, Just monitor your movements and don't over do it. I do beleive we all know our limits. You have a long recovery though, i'm not going to sugar coat it.
    Jason, You will never be sure that you didn't pull an anchor out, maybe you should go get an xray, that will show if they are still embedded in the bone. Sharp pains aren't unusual but better safe than sorry. I feel for both of you, I wouldn't want to go back to what you're going through!

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    thanks I wasnt sure if the anchor or the sutures would pull out. It seems that I would hurt for a long time if this occurs. Has anyone had a suture or anchor come loss and what was the feeling?

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    Hi, Im so glad to have found this forum! Slipped a week ago and now looks like i may need to have surgery to re attach ishchial tuberosity to pelvis. Will get more information tomorrow. Can anyone tell me what is involved in the surgery, braces and rehabilitation, as I don't have a lot of help. How long is it until you can live independently, and what is involved in getting there, the nitty gritty please.

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    thanks for the info, how did you cope directly after surgery, Im not a good patient/dont have much patience!

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    hi thanks for sharing your experience i had an accident last wednesday , now it seems i will need surgery for re attaching the ischial tuberosity to my pelvis, just waiting to hear tomorrow from specialists , will be back this site is awesome, couldnt find any info anywhere else, im is Perth Australia

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    Default good luck with your surgery

    Quote Originally Posted by Lennyj View Post
    I am having it tomorrow at 3 pm . The procedure is being performed by Dr. Marvin Royster.
    I will find out if i need surgery tomorrow wishing you all thebest

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    thanks for this i was wondering about the nitty gritty stuff, its this personal stuff that we take for granted that knocks the wind out of you. I hope to find out the extent of my injury tomorrow, i slipped a week ago and found out yesterday it may be a complete tear. Good luck, wishing you a swift recovery

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    Isabellatiger, If you go back through the posts on this forum you will find the most detailed pre-op and post-op information you could ever imagine. People have listed verbatim every item to make recovery more comfortable. It will take some time to read but you will come away from it fully informed from patients who've been there and done that And, truthfully, you're laid up anyway right!? I hope your injury isn't a full tear but if it is you're in good company on here. Jason and Lenny both just had theirs done so they're right there with you too. Good Luck!

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    Day two after surgery and other than running a slight fever that is controlled by motrin I am feeling much better. I am getting around on crutches and am think on venturing out tomorrow for a test run at returning to work. My biggest concern is sitting as most of you know. I have yet to find any position that works. Maybe a couple more days of rest I can find the spot. Any suggestions? oh yes I guess the shower thing will be important too.

    My pain has been so far medium to mild starting today.

    My case seems to be better than most so far. I know the end is a long way away.

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    Isabella I am a very active person who exercised daily I also have a lawn business and am a firefighter and I will say my life is upside down. I am confined to my house mostly couch and bed which not what I am used to. I am lucky to have a wonderful wife who takes care of me but we also have three small children which makes it more difficult. I am 6 days post op and planned on returning to work today but I am just not ready yet (light duty of coarse). I am going to try again to go back on Saturday we work every third day. Help is a plus but not impossible without, but plan ahead, all groceries, bills, supplies that you will need. My list was baby wipes, raised toilet seat, crutches, and a walker to help myself get up and down and for the bathroom. I am to impatient but I am learning. does anyone know when staples come out is it at 10 days or 2 weeks



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