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    Default Three weeks Post op...the mental game

    Into my third week. Thanks to all posters. This site has been crucial to my sanity. I'm "working" at office 4-6 hours each day--with my pillow. Three more weeks to brace removal and pt. I'm starting some upper body exercises like pull ups, overhead presses and bench presses. Still surprisingly tired after any effort. I've booked my PT and was lucky enough to find a DPT who is a Cert. Crossfit Coach and weight lifting coach.

    I sprung for an iPad a couple days before surgery. It's been a huge help with work and dealing with the inevitable boredom. So much of recovery is a mental process.

    I found two books to be big morale boosters: Four Hour Body by Tim Ferris and Unbroken by Laura Hildebrand. Four Hour Body is all about maximizing human potential. Some of it is hard to believe and/or not feasible, but it's a good reminder that there are ways to hack physical limits through science and focused effort.

    Unbroken is a total inspiration. It's the story of a man who would not be defeated by adversity whether marooned on a raft in the pacific for 46 days or by brutal guards at a pow camp.

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    Default What to do with my brace?

    Hi All...I'm now 2 years post-op from my right hamstring repair and finally (don't know why it's taken me so long!) ready to get rid of my hip brace. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do with it? I don't know why...but I have a hard time just tossing it in the trash if it could be used by someone else, etc.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Hi Carol,
    Hope physical therapy is going well for you. Yes, Judy is doing extremely well. We were fortunate to have found this forum just a few days after Judy's fall. Through it, we found Dr.Cohen, who, along with his partner, has done more than 50 of these. I think you are right that the difficult post-op you've had is related to the time between injury and surgery. Our surgeon told us he didn't like to do this type of surgery more than six weeks post-injury because the problems are all magnified. But hang in there. Every day gets better and spring in Iowa is very beautiful. ( I used to live in the eastern part of the state.)

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    Kevin, Thanks for the encouragement. I grew up in eastern Iowa! It is really nice in the Spring (except for the devastating storms over the weekend. Lots of tornados). PT is very slow for me, but the therapist recommended walking, gradually increasing, and just doing what I can with her recommended exercises. 5 months of no leg use bites. I will get there, however, and things are so much better than before the surgery.

    Christine, sounds like you are doing well. The knee issue may be from the brace. My knee started hurting about the fourth week, and it took a couple weeks to come back to normal after I got the brace off. Knees just don't like being immobilized. Once you can move it again it loosens back up. My PT worked a lot on my knee with massage and accupressure.

    I spent most of the week taking it easy because I caught a bad cold. I plan on starting daily walking tomorrow.


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    Tammy - thanks!! and good for you getting out and coaching again. i bet it feels good to get out and be a part of the team again. cheering your on for lots of wins.

    Carol - no brace for me. Dr said it's just tight from lack of use (same as with a brace i guess). hope your cold goes away soon.

    rpolaw - 3rd and 4th weeks were the worst for me. no energy, lots of swelling still and low morale. i thought i was going to go mental actually!!!!! but then i turned the corner. this forum was such a great support during that time. and the many crying episodes i had actually felt really good. my family wasn't so happy about that but i got a little extra TLC and then it all changed.

    i am looking back now and i realize it's just time and i am learning patience. all the things i did in a rush before this injury!!! i hope i never forget this experience so i always remember to slow down, make time for ME and not sweat the little things.

    i started doing the one exercise my Dr. gave me in advance of PT next week.........seems like it should be very easy however i once again swell up and have pain. nothing i can't manage and it's gone the next morning but it tells me how fragile i still am!!

    my work was again supportive of me working from home for another 7 weeks - i am very lucky in that regard.

    hope you are all well and recovering!!!!


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    Default 4 weeks post

    I definitely think the period between the 3rd to 4th week is the "getting over the hump" period. I was pretty disappointed in how quickly I got tired doing simple things like feeding my dogs or trying to make lunch or dinner for myself. I did do one crazy thing last weekend. Walked on crutches for over a quarter mile and up and over a hill twice. By the time I got home, I couldn't lift my arms. I sat on the couch and laughed at myself later that day. I did have some swelling afterward too.

    Christine- I think you will find your swelling will start decreasing significantly after you start building up the muscles in your leg and using it more. The muscles play a huge part in helping "pump" the excess fluid out of the area. I just doesn't work as well when they are little baby muscles. Another tip, the first couple of weeks of PT might not seem like you are making any progress and then you will find yourself making big gains in strength and function so don't get discouraged.

    Happy healing to everyone!


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    Seven month post-op report:

    I feel pretty normal now. I've been doing fewer physio exercises and more general exercise, especially swimming. I'm not running but I never did before, so that's no change ;-) . I still get tired after a couple of hours walking - start to be less even in my stride - and am still less flexible on that side, which is still annoying.

    Change this last month has been more gradual than previously and I have had some aching and tenderness in the area around the repair, not necessarily directly related to any particular exercise but could be at least partly due to the ramping up of activity. I have also put back on a bit of the weight I lost while I was immobile and I carry my weight around my butt, so stretching of the wound and associated tissues feels like another factor in my discomfort, since a lot of it feels more superficial. I was very active before, lost weight after the operation because I wasn't doing or eating much, and have found it hard to get as much activity as I did before, because skating was such a great exercise (and just plain fun!) and I'm still not doing it.

    Some times I don't know if I'll go back to it, which makes me really sad.

    I still need to get up every now and then if I've been sitting a long time, but office work and general day to day is no problem.

    So things are fairly normal now. Take heart :-) .

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    hey you all,
    I got my surgery date!! yay, I think....! I have to say, I'm a bit freaked. It will be 13 weeks post injury by the time I have my surgery- May 10. I feel pretty good, I can walk almost normally.Stairs are tough, walking to fast isn't a good option. Bending over causes cramps low down where my muscle has settled, it feels very weird. My calf cramps too, with the extra strain. Pain is 2/10 unless pressure is applied. I'll have to 'start' all over again. I almost thought, maybe I don't need surgery after all, but, I want my body to be as anatomically correct as possible! I've been practicing on the crutches. Having 1 leg in the air is hard...so, I plan to practice every day till surgery.
    I will be staying in Seattle at hotel for 4 days afterwards, so I can have my re-ck before going home. Any suggestions of what to take with me? I have one of the bed-rest pillows with arms, and I planned to take a memory foam for the car/hotel. I will stay in a handicap room.
    My ex-hubbie loaned me an extra walker he had...ahh, I'm to young for a walker!(he's older than me) I have set up a massage therapist for once a week to come to my house, and then I'm going to talk my son into an extra foot massage once a week too.!
    Christineb, I can't believe its been 6 weeks! I'm sure it hasn't gone fast enough for you, what Chinese herbs/patch did you use?
    kgmccann- hope I have a quick recovery like Judy...
    carolg, Summers coming, I bet you'll be on your bike soon..
    rpolaw, thanks for the book suggestions, I'm gonna start push-ups too

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    ps...did anyone take the brace off while lying down once in awhile? I hope I can remove it for massage or shower (I have a walk in shower) I remember the comments about a lawn shower, Its to cold here still!
    Appreciate any more details about the brace..thanks, joani

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    ps2..wow, Its been a long day,,lol, I just reread some posts about the brace and challenges with it, if there is any Other info--thanks.....joani



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