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    Wow, you sound like you're doing wonderfully.....go as slow as you can though. A lot of sitting KILLS me! You're doing amazingly well)

    Listen, I spoke to my trainer about the ankle thing, because I had something similar. The IT Band which runs a long the side of the leg, passed the knee down to the ankle. Mine became a bit hypertrophied because of the poor use of the hamstring. He felt that the ankle thing might be from the over use of the IT band and that once everything balanced out again, it would subside. I'm NOT saying that's your issue....just a thought. I know my pain has gone away now. It makes sense that it might be connected to the sciatic nerve as well!


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    In my last post, I forgot to open with Merry

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    I went to work again today---this time for a couple of hours.

    I'm 4 weeks post surgery on Friday. Generally I felt good. The pain started to bother me near the end of the time---but it was great to interact with others and get some work done. The lazyboy type lounge chair is great---when I'm sore I can basically lie down to get pressure off the incision.

    In the past 3 or 4 days I really have seen a difference. I notice that certain leg movements which I either couldn't do because it hurt or I just didn't do to protect myself, can be done with no pain. I'm still very careful and wear my brace when I go out. (my doctor had said that he didn't expect me to wear it often, but to be careful and wear it if I was moving around alot).

    I really finally feel like there is progress. I am anxious to see surgeon on Friday to get clearance to start PT and throw the brace away.

    This site has been very helpful to me both in terms of tips for preparation and in comfort from hearing how others progressed thru their recovery. I know that without it, I wouldn't have had things like baby wipes and would have wondered about whether I was normal or not in terms of my recovery.

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    Dave, I am amazed at how well you've done. I'm MORE amazed that you got a LAZY BOY in your office!!! All kidding aside, it's so great that you could even sit! I'm sitting at dinner, driving, and walking. But bellieve me, it's not pain free! PT is going great, but when I get home I have to sit on ice for an hour. I have burning and pain around the incision and I tend to worry. But the PT seems to feel it's alll normal. There's no way I was sitting at 4 weeks. I was in my brace all the time. Goes to show you how cases and doctors are different. Congratulations again. I know how happy you must be!

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    Ned- Did you have burning at the incision site once you started PT and sitting?

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    I was the lucky one. No pain anywhere, just uncomfortable from being in the brace. Only pain med I took was a Tylenol the one night I spent in the hospital after the operation. Never needed anything again. I kept waiting for it to start hurting. Never needed ice or heat. About week 2 when I started PT with the brace on I was able to sit in a recliner as best I could with the brace. Would go out to dinner aand lunch at week 4 and started driving as soon as the brace came off at week 6. Incision never gave me any trouble. My incision is only a couple of inches long at the base of the cheek. Ruined my modeling career it did. LOL Doctors have make n incision on the side of the leg. I imagine that yours is the same as mine if you are having trouble sitting.

    It seems that you and the others are making good progress considering that this is no small operation. Every day will get better.

    Heal well, Ned

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    Ned, thanks for your support!

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    Ned, by the way who did your surgery?

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    Dr. Cohen at the Rothman Institute at Riddle Memorial Hospital in Media, PA. He is the team surgeon for the Phillies. He co-authored a paper with Dr. Bradley of Pittsburgh.
    I have referred to it several times most recently in post #826 which contains a link. Dr. Cohen did Janemarie's and Jack B's and Dr. Bradley did Jay M's. My surgery and PT pretty much followed what was in the paper.

    Heal well, Ned

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    Ned,thanks so much. I didn't see the post, but am most interested in reading it. I have a feeling I will be doing my right hamstring next year......always researching this injury!
    I recently had a sharp pain in the incision area, which must been a adhesion that popped. Today I am absolutely pain free in sitting! I'm very excited)



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