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    Default SCENAR Therapy - its amazing!!!

    I thought this was rubbish, until I tried it????

    Through my own pain I have discovered a treatment for arthritic joints, restricted range of movement and sore muscle that gets amazing results. I feel compelled to share this with you as it has worked wonders for me and many others. The below is about my knee but you can apply it to most joint complaints.

    Some 18 years ago I had an ACL reconstruction by Parramatta RLFC doctor Dr Michael Johnston. Post operation I became very active again and regularly played pivoting sports etc.

    Even so, I was a little crushed when Brisbane Broncos RLFC orthopaedic surgeon Dr Peter Myers told me some 6 years ago that I was now bone on bone and needed a total knee replacement. This was at the tender age of 35.

    Dr Myers advised me to delay the surgery as long as humanly possible due to advancements in technology etc. This was music to my ears and I decided to temper my exercise pursuits to straight line stuff only to delay the procedure as long as possible.

    In the ensuing years, as my knee slowly deteriorated further, my activities became more and more restricted. Several years ago I was flat out walking for 2 weeks due to severe inflammation and pain. I was constantly in a level 7/10 to 8/10 pain threshold every day.

    Trying to delay the inevitable surgery as long as possible I researched tirelessly, websites far and wide, and then I stumbled on it. It sounded too good to be true.

    After the research, I decided that the technology was either one of 2 things. It was either the best thing ever or the biggest load of rubbish I had ever heard of. I had to at least try it.

    I am pleased to report that there is something out there that works. It is indeed the best thing ever. My level 7/10 pain simply went away during the first treatment. It did come back a little but after a few treatments the pain was just about gone. I do not even take glucosamine any more and am back at the gym regularly. I also do boxing training pain free.

    Saying that, I was out playing touch football with the kids the other day. I was side stepping and displaying my blistering lack of pace and I simply forget that I have a sore knee.

    Well, my knee did get a little uncomfortable after that game (about 2/10 pain level) but another treatment has got rid of that discomfort. This no longer surprises me.

    The therapy is actually Russian Space Age Technology so it has a multi million dollar budget behind it. It is called Scenar Technology. If you want to know more you can Google ?Scenar Therapy ? racism?. (Scenar is an acronym for some unrelated racist group in North America so do the ?racism to eliminate that stuff).

    Alternatively, you can email me at lumleys1@tpg.com.au and I would love to tell you more. I can answer some of your questions and tell you where you can find a therapist if you want to try it. Highly trained therapists are now in most major centres including many larger regional ones as well.

    If you are in Brisbane, I know one of Australia?s most highly trained and experienced therapists. His offer to new clients is ?if you don?t feel significantly better when you walk out than you did when you walked in, don?t pay him?.

    You can?t ask for much more than that???.

    Anyway, you do what you feel best with this info. But believe me, it is fantastic


    Shane Lumley

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    No thanks Shane... but I would like to get some bridal photos done...

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    you will have to try my wife for that one



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