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    Default Sangakkara visits Melbourne for surgery

    Sri Lankan pair under Aussie care

    Sri Lankan players Lasith Malinga and Kumar Sangakkara are both currently under the medical management of Dr Young and Dr Hoy of Australia. While Malinga is recovering (albeit slowly) from a knee problem, Sangakkara is making the most of the newly created hole in the international calendar (due to the cancelled Champions Trophy) to have surgery on his index finger.

    This continues the close relationship between Sri Lanka players and Australian medical staff, David Young for example was responsible for Muttiah Muralitharan’s previous shoulder surgery, and the two previous Physiotherapists for the Sri Lankan team were also Australian.

    While there is the general trend for English squad players to be treated by UK medical staff and the Caribbean players to prefer the United States, the Asian based countries generally migrate towards Australia for specialists who treat professional cricketers on a regular basis.

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    I think you have it wrong. From my understanding Greg Hoy did Muralitharan's shoulder.

    As for Greg Hoy, he's a legend. Last year he operated on my shoulder and is so much better now.



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