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    Name: Omes.

    Achilles rupture date: 20/04/10

    Leg: Left.

    Method: Football.

    Protocol: 2 days cast, 6-8 weeks boot at different positions, physio.

    Discharged: 5 months.

    Comeback: Football 7 months.

    Legend status: 20/04/11.

    Problems: No problems. Thicker tendon but that's expected.

    General: I followed protocol and home remedies to the t. At 3 months I was riding my push bike. At 6 months I was back at football and taking it slow. A year on am fine and back to normal.

    No 1 Tip: Follow your protocol, stay positive...it does get better.

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    Name: TraceyJ

    Achilles rupture date: 12/05/10

    Leg: Left.

    Method: Gym training session

    Protocol: 3 weeks cast NWB, 9 weeks in boot PWB (4 x wedge, 1 removed every fortnight ), physio.

    Discharged: about 9 months.

    Comeback: Light gym work at 5 months, running & hill walking 10 months

    Legend status: 09/05/11.

    Problems: Suspected partial RR at about 5 months but Consultant concluded that it wasn't actually the tendon, rather scar tissue
    No other major problems. Tendon is still a bit stiff first thing in morning but fine after a stretch. Still have some weakness in ankle area.

    General: Honestly followed the prescribed protocol to the absolute letter (pretty unusual in my Consultant's experience) despite being pretty unconfortable and downhearted at times.

    No 1 Tip: Stay positive, don't take shortcuts with the protocol, it will get you down at times and you'll wonder if you'll ever be the same but with time and patience you will.

    p.s. be very wary of wet surfaces when trying to make your way around on crutches!!



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