Elbow sprains & Dislocations

The most common elbow sprain involves the medial ligament, similar to the medial ligament injury in the knee. It is usually a minor injury in a football player, although complete ruptures may occur. Medial ligament injuries are most common in throwing sports such as in baseball.

A sprained medial ligament usually results in patients losing full extension (straightening) of their elbow. This may only be a limitation in the short term (1-2 weeks), however if not treated well, some patients end up with a fixed flexion deformity i.e an elbow that has permanently lost full extension.

If a full ligament rupture is suspected, an MRI is recommended. If the patient is active (football, throwing etc), surgery may be required. After surgery, patient will be braced for up to 6 weeks with active recovery following over the next 6-8 weeks.

A dislocated elbow is a gruesome sight and difficult to relocate on the field. A dislocation is a medical emergency as blood vessels and nerves may be damaged. Patients must seek medical aid as soon as possible. Fortunately they rarely recur and have a short recovery period.
Xray elbow dislocation
Xray demonstrating an elbow dislocation.
Name Team Onset Year Sport
Dean Greyling Bulls R 2 2012 UNION
Adam Byrnes Rebels R 2 2012 UNION
Kevin Kingston Panthers R 7 2012 NRL
Greg Inglis Rabbitohs R 15 2012 NRL
Matt Maguire Brisbane R 13 2012 AFL
Tiaan Liebenberg Stormers Round 6 2013 UNION
Lappies Labuschagne Cheetahs Round 11 2013 UNION
Michael Rischitelli Gold Coast Round 12 2013 AFL
Lance Franklin Hawthorn Preliminary Finals 2013 AFL
Sandor Earl Raiders Round 16 2013 NRL
Ashley Harrison Titans Round 24 2013 NRL
Pierre Spies Bulls Round 1 2014 UNION
Tanerau Latimer Chiefs Pre Season 2014 UNION
Mils Muliaina Chiefs Round 2 2014 UNION
Mils Muliaina Chiefs Round 9 2014 UNION
James Podsiadly Adelaide Round 18 2014 AFL
Robert Murphy Western Bulldogs Pre-season 2014 AFL
Glenn Stewart Sea Eagles Round 7 2014 NRL
Sam Burgess Rabbitohs Round 8 2014 NRL
Bryson Goodwin Rabbitohs Round 14 2014 NRL

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