Ankle sprain

The ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries in sport. It is common in sports requiring frequent rapid changes in direction including basketball, netball and tennis. It is also common in the football codes, namely AFL, Rugby League and soccer.

A severe ankle sprain may be associated with ligament damage and can sometimes take up to 6-8 weeks for full recovery. In the rehabilitation phase, it is important to retrain the muscles around the ankle to improve strength and balance. In athletes who repeatedly sprain their ankles, a surgical reconstruction may be required to improve the ankle's stability.

It is recommended that athletes who have had, or are at risk of having recurrent ankle sprains, should have their ankles taped before playing any sport. The video below presented by the head trainer of Queensland University Rugby Club describes how to tape an ankle.

Alternatively, an ankle brace can be worn to stabilise the ankle. This is more convenient and potentially more cost-effective when compared to serial taping.
Jared Brennan Ankle Sprain
Former Brisbane Lions player Jared Brennan is carried off field after sustaining an ankle sprain in the 2010 AFL season.
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Name Team Onset Year Sport
Saia Fainga'a Reds Trials 2012 UNION
James Tamou Cowboys Pre Season 2012 NRL
Jerome Ropati Warriors R 1 2012 NRL
Matt Cooper Dragons R 1 2012 NRL
Nathan Fien Dragons R 3 2012 NRL
Sika Manu Storm R 5 2012 NRL
Kieran Foran Sea Eagles R 11 2012 NRL
Chris Lawrence Tigers R 20 2012 NRL
Kevin Locke Warriors R 23 2012 NRL
Matt Maguire Brisbane R 18 2012 AFL
Michael Johnson Fremantle NAB Cup 2012 AFL
David Mundy Fremantle 2011 2012 AFL
Lachie Neale Fremantle NAB Cup 2012 AFL
Jason Blake St Kilda R 14 2012 AFL
Campbell Heath Sydney R 22 2012 AFL
Sam Wykes Force Round 4 2013 UNION
Shaun McKernan Adelaide Round 18 2013 AFL
Tayte Pears Essendon Round 12 2013 AFL
Nick Suban Fremantle Finals week 1 2013 AFL
Michael Walters Fremantle Round 8 2013 AFL
Brandon Matera Gold Coast Round 11 2013 AFL
Sam Blease Melbourne NAB Cup Round 1 - We 2013 AFL
Aaron Mullett North Melbourne Round 7 2013 AFL
Ben Speight North Melbourne Round 1 2013 AFL
Jeremy Latimore Panthers Round 1 2013 NRL
Todd Carney Sharks Round 4 2013 NRL
Darius Boyd Knights Round 11 2013 NRL
Ben Barba Bulldogs Round 20 2013 NRL
Ben Barba Bulldogs Finals Round 1 2013 NRL
Tom Rogic Melbourne Victory Round 20 2013-14 ALEAGUE
Luke Braid Blues Round 2 2014 UNION
Nick Maxwell Collingwood Round 17 2014 AFL
Patrick Ryder Essendon Round 2 2014 AFL
Cory Enright Geelong Round 2 2014 AFL
Jared Polec Port Adelaide Round 12 2014 AFL
Blake Acres St Kilda Round 9 2014 AFL
Daniel Hannebery Sydney Round 13 2014 AFL
Dale Morris Western Bulldogs Round 4 2014 AFL
Chris McQueen Rabbitohs Round 16 2014 NRL

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