Adductor Strain

The most commonly strained muscle in the groin region is the adductor longus. Adductor strains behave in a similar fashion to other muscle strains, such as hamstring strains. They usually occur during a change-of-direction movement. It is a common injury in AFL and rugby league.

Sometimes an adductor strain can lead to chronic groin problems, such as osteitis pubis or adductor tendinopathy (tendinitis).

AFL players who have had adductor strains include Luke Hodge of Hawthorn, Gary Ablett of Geelong, Shaun Higgins of the Western Bulldogs and Daniel Kerr from West Coast.

Dan Carter, New Zealand All Blacks Fly Half sustained a complete adductor longus tendon rupture during training halfway through the 2011 IRB Rugby World Cup. This ruled him out for the rest of the tournament.
Luke Hodge Adductor Strain
Luke Hodge of Hawthorn was sidelined for several weeks with an adductor strain in the 2009 AFL season.
(Image sourced from Slattery Media Group)