Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is a common problem in retired football players, although pain from this condition can commence when a footballer is in his mid twenties. Most players with the early signs of hip arthritis can continue to play but may need to limit their running training.

A hip replacement is often considered as one of the best treatments in modern medicine as it significantly improves pain and function in those with severe hip arthritis. Treatments for mild to moderate hip arthritis include injections, physiotherapy and pain medications. After a hip replacement, running is often not advisable.

American Bo Jackson attempted to continue professional sport after a hip replacement. He was a former Major League baseballer but developed hip arthritis after playing in the NFL. He attempted to return to Major League baseball as a designated hitter after having the surgery but this was short lived.
Hip Arthritis Xray
Xray demonstrating osteoarthritis in the right hip and a hip replacement on the left.