Eye Injuries

Some of the common eye injuries in sport include:


An injury with a frightening appearance in which there is bleeding in the chamber in front of the eye. Although strict rest is needed after these injuries, they normal result in a full recovery.

Corneal abrasion

The most common eye injury, in which the outer lining of the eye (cornea) is scratched. Treated with eye pad and antibiotic drops, and not too serious if they don't affect the area directly in front of the pupil.

Detached retina

The most serious of the regularly seen eye injuries in sport, and can result in permanent blindness. Josh McGuire of the Brisbane Broncos underwent a 5 hour operation on a detached retina following an accidental poke in the eye from a fellow teammate in Round 8 2011 against the Bulldogs.
Billy Slater eye injury
Billy Slater of the Melbourne Storm sporting an eye injury after a Johnathan Thurston tackle in 2008.
(Image sourced from The Sunday Telegraph)
Name Team Onset Year Sport
Josh McGuire Broncos R 23 2012 NRL
Sam Shaw Adelaide R 16 2012 AFL
Mitch Robinson Carlton R 22 2012 AFL
Simon Phillips Port Adelaide NAB Cup 2012 AFL
Mitchell Brown West Coast R 5 2012 AFL
Dean Cox West Coast R 22 2012 AFL
Corey Flynn Crusaders Round 7 2013 UNION
Rory Sloane Adelaide Round 19 2013 AFL
Nick Lower Western Bulldogs Round 6 2013 AFL
Jack Reed Broncos Round 10 2013 NRL
Shaun Fensom Raiders Round 9 2013 NRL
Cameron Smith Storm Origin 2 2013 NRL
Brett White Raiders Round 15 2013 NRL
Josh Mansour Panthers Round 15 2013 NRL
Terry Campese Raiders Round 22 2013 NRL
Corey Flynn Crusaders Round 4 2014 UNION
Sam Kerridge Adelaide Round 3 2014 AFL
Shaun McKernan Adelaide Round 11 2014 AFL
Mathew Stokes Geelong Round 5 2014 AFL
Josh Kelly GWS Round 10 2014 AFL
Viv Michie Melbourne Round 2 2014 AFL
Luke Parker Sydney Pre-season 2014 AFL
Tom Campbell Western Bulldogs Round 22 2014 AFL
Sami Sauiluma Raiders Round 13 2014 NRL

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