LARS Ligament

The LARS Ligament is a synthetic polyester fibre used in joint reconstruction surgery, particularly for the ACL. It is made by an orthopaedic device company - Corin.

It is promoted as an alternative to the traditional hamstring or patellar bone graft used in standard ACL reconstruction surgery where the tendon would need to be taken from another part of the person's body.

Early evidence would indicate that while it may have some short term benefits in a quicker return to activity, there has not been enough time to assess any of the long term outcomes of using this ligament.

For that reason, the consensus amongst the top surgeons in this field is that they cannot recommend this new technology for patients, in particular, elite athletes, until more information is known.

David Rodan of Port Adelaide had a second LARS ligament surgery on his left knee in 2010 after the original ligament frayed.

Brent Macaffer of the Collingwood Magpies and his club rejected LARS surgery on his ACL in 2012. The coach, Nathan Buckley was quoted as saying his 'long-term future had to be considered'.

ACL knee braces may be useful in athletes requiring extra stability to improve their sporting confidence after an injury or reconstruction.
ACL Knee Diagram - LARS Ligament
Diagram of a knee reconstruction
(Image sourced from istockphoto)
David Rodan - LARS Surgery
David Rodan of Port Adelaide has had two LARS ACL knee operations
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