Patellar tendon injuries

Patellar tendon injuries are common in jumping sports such as basketball, volleyball and Australian Rules Football. The most common injury is generally called patellar tendinitis (or patellar tendinopathy) and is caused by overuse and the subsequent inability of the tendon to regenerate itself adequately. Various treatments include activity modification, ice, bracing, strengthening exercises and injections.

The patellar tendon rupture is a rare injury which usually requires surgical repair. Sometimes there is an underlying cause for a patellar tendon rupture such as a previous knee reconstruction using the patellar tendon or chronic patellar tendinopathy.

Queenslander Antonio Kaufusi suffered a patellar tendon rupture in his debut State of Origin match in 2007. It was a season ending injury and at the time, there were concerns he would never be able to play again. He worked very hard during his rehabilitation and was back playing for the Storm the following year.
Antonio Kaufusi Patellar Tendon Rupture
Antonio Kaufusi is felled by a patellar tendon rupture in a 2007 State of Origin match.
(Image sourced from The Courier-Mail)