PCL Injuries

Although PCL injuries are uncommon in football, they often require a long rehabilitation period. Fortunately, most can be adequately treated by conservative (non-surgical) means.

There is a risk that PCL injuries can lead to major disability because they are soemtimes associated with cartilage damage. A famous case of a PCL injury with severe consequences was that of South African rugby player Bobby Skinstad. His injury occurred in a motor vehicle accident. In a non-sporting population, this is the usual mechanism of injury.

The most common mechanism of injury in football is when a player is tackled and has his shin forced into the turf. This then places the lower part of the knee joint behind the upper part which ultimately injures the PCL. In the past, ruckmen in AFL were at risk of PCL injuries as the two players would collide and clash knees during a bounce. In 2004, a new centre circle rule was introduced to reduce the ruckmen's run up and hence reduce the chance of high speed knee clashes. This new rule now favours taller players with higher vertical leaps.

PCL knee braces may be useful in athletes requiring extra stability to improve their sporting confidence after an injury or reconstruction.
Ben Stratton PCL Tear
Ben Stratton of Hawthorn is carried off field after sustaining a PCL tear against Richmond in April 2011.
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Benji Marshall PCL Tear
Benji Marshall of the Wests Tigers was sidelined for several weeks in 2008 with a PCL tear.
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