Tibial Stress Fractures

Tibial stress fractures are considered an extreme version of shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome). Runners and athletes involved in sports where there is a large amount of running required (eg. AFL) are susceptible to this condition. Risk factors for this condition include increased training load, biomechanical faults and inappropriate footwear.

Treatment for tibial stress fractures is an initial period of immobilisation, activity modification followed by a reduction in training load when returning to sport. There is a risk of recurrence if athletes are returned to sport too soon before adequate rehabilitation is undertaken.

Olympian Lisa Weightman has overcome recurrent tibial stress fractures in her running career. She won bronze in the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Tiger Woods won the US Open in 2008 despite having double stress fractures of his left tibia. The stress fractures are consistent with intensive rehabilitation following his knee surgery earlier that year. It is not a typical golfing injury.
Lisa Weightman Tibial Stress Fracture
Olympian Lisa Weightman has battled recurrent tibial stress fractures in her running career.
(Image sourced from Lisa Weightman's Facebook profile)