Lumbar Disc Injuries

Disc injuries can occur in any part of the spinal column, although they are most problematic in areas where a slipped disc is prone to pinching a nerve exiting the spine.

The lumbar spine (low back) is the region where this most often occurs. Lumbar disc injuries can lead to back pain which radiates down one or both legs if a nerve is pinched.

In football, players can often continue to play with a minor lumbar disc injury, but in a case where a nerve is pinched then rest and even surgery may be required.

Wests Tigers hooker Robbie Farah sustained a lumbar disc injury in 2008 which sidelined him for several weeks. Farah has said of his injury, "What was scary was the numbness I was getting down my leg" (The Daily Telegraph).
Robbie Farah Lumbar Disc
Robbie Farah of the Wests Tigers is tackled during play in 2011.
(Image sourced from The Daily Telegraph)