Side Strains

Side strains are an injury almost unique to cricket fast bowlers and javelin throwers. In fast bowlers they occur on the non-bowling side of the body with the majority being strains of abdominal muscle insertions on to the lower ribs. Bony stress lesions (such as stress fractures of the 10th or 11th ribs) can occur. Although there is a traditional belief that a side strain is a ‘rite of passage' for a young fast bowler, recurrent side strains can still plague elite fast bowlers throughout their career. Side strains are strongly related to bowling speed, with the fastest bowlers more likely to suffer this type of injury.

Australian cricketer Peter Siddle's tour of India in 2009 was cut short due to a side strain. He was forced to fly home to Australia. Brett Lee missed the third Ashes Test in England 2009 with a side strain. Glenn McGrath was ruled out of the 2002-3 Ashes series with a side strain.
Peter Siddle Side Strain
Peter Siddle playing for Australia. He had to fly home during the Australian ODI tour of India in 2009 after sustaining a side strain.
(Image sourced from London Evening Standard)